Bespoke Art

What is it? Well, you love art, right? You love your family?

Whether it be for your family, your partner or lover, your children or a colleague, the creation of a bespoke piece of art is possibly the most unique and special. Having produced a wide variety of unique pieces over the years I quickly became aware just how much these works can touch so many and at the very least they can quickly become the focus of conversation at parties!

So perhaps you intend to mark a landmark anniversary or event in your life or merely just want to capture a happy period in your life that you wish to freeze in time forever?

I work with you to develop something unique that not only reflects you or the event you wish to capture but also your style and particularly the space that will become its home forever.

Family Related Art:

You have plenty of snaps from holidays spent together and important moments in your lives right? But they either live in old photo albums hidden in the back of a cupboard somewhere gathering dust or more recently within your mobile devices but you rarely scroll back further than the past few weeks?!? Yes, don’t worry we are all the same! But you can be different. I have been working with family for many years now. Those who are tired of these things being lost and forgotten when they deserve to be celebrated! I have been creating bespoke one-off works that capture the individuals style and needs from the piece and either culminate in something to mark an anniversary, event or just ‘because’. This can often begin as ‘a good idea’ or ‘it seems like a nice thing to do’ but often develops into something far more special than people imagine initially. It can be a very private emotional thing as even in the early stages you can be taken on a journey of rediscovery – imagine for a moment that you’ve been married for 40 years and you’re searching through those old albums and you stumble across photos of loved ones lost along the way and moments shared with each other that maybe had been forgotten but meant so very much at that moment. Well, now imagine taking these special ‘moments’ and fusing them together in one piece of art. There are those I create that on first glance can appear to be something that reflects a view or a person or place or maybe just a particular pattern that sits well in the family holiday home. However, on closer inspection you go on a journey of discovery…or rediscovery! For me there is no better moment than seeing the reactions to what I create and how they can mean so much.


Some love portraits, a timeless tradition they wish to continue. However, the way its executed needn’t be traditional. I work in a number of mediums and have also developed my own unique ways of working with particularly difficult substrates or even a combination of them! The purpose of portraits have always sought to capture moments and the essence of someones beauty and spirit. For many, capturing their children’s youth, innocence and often carefree nature is important and something that is often lost in many family photos. Likewise, we need only look back to the works of the ‘old masters’ and many of the works they created sought to capture that ‘something’. We also see from this period that nudity was not something to be ashamed of and its also prevalent today that there are many who wish to capture a physical state of being that they are proud of and immortalise themselves forever in that moment – your painting doesn’t have to go to the gym tomorrow! 🙂

Corporate Art:

You run a successful company or organisation and you want to mark an anniversary or landmark achievement for your business? Sure you can throw a party, take some photos and pop them on the ‘cool wall’ or you could do something a little different… Similar to the concept of family related art, a business is not so very different is it? Its still a family, or it should be! Depending on the purpose of the proposed piece there are going to be people, influencers, products, services and emotion that needs to be considered in the concept and formation of any work. Having worked in the advertising industry I love to get under the skin of companies and get to the root of things. Its only by taking this approach with everything that you can truly create something that talks to people and conveys the right message. So, you identify the space and lets create something that truly reflects the spirit of your business…

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